Monday, April 27, 2009

Sping Cleaning etc.

Hello family and friends, it's Monday morning and it is now my turn to update the blog. Angela had to walk me through the whole thing while she made pancakes for me. She is so sweet. this week was rather uneventful but we still have a few things to report. I was in Rupert working all week while Angela was here in Rexburg working as well. this work schedule is not very easy on either of us so hopefully we can get done as soon as possible.

I've been waiting a long time to clean up our garage and to build some shelves so that I have place to put all of my stuff so I came home a day early this week to surprise Angela and I got to

organize the garage with some shelves. Now I just need to figure out where I'm going to hang up my bike. It still needs a little work to get it just how i want it but i am happy that it has turned out the way that it has so far.

We also decided to clean up the patio in back as well. I think it looks great. I fertilized the dirt and tilled it. Then i got some Red lava rock and put it on top.
Then Angela and I went to Idaho Falls to talk to a guy about a sprinkler system that he wants me to do for him and afterwords we went to Home Depot and picked out a bunch of flowers and bushes for the patio. We got 4 little trees and a ton of flower bulbs to plant. luckily we didn't get it done yet because we woke up to snow on Sunday morning. "ya gotta love Idaho".
Other than that the only new news that we have is my new calling. I was called as the executive secretary in our ward. I'm gonna have to get used to the 6:30 am bishopric meetings and the PEC and other meetings I'll have to go to. Can't wait.
I wish we had more exciting news but until we do, we love ya all......

Monday, April 20, 2009

We're grOwing uP!!

And that is how he got this... nyiam qhuav ntxim! j/k... it was from a different motorcycle trip... the week before... during finals week. He's so proud of his battle wound!

but I did get a girls' night. He surprised me and came home a couple days early... which was really sweet. He got me flowers and everything... I think it was his way of making it up to me for leaving me for a week. :)

Anyway this morning we became Homeowners!!! We bought a house in Driggs right by the mountains! Yay!! .... Sorry we don't have a picture yet... but it'll come soon!

Well this is it for this week...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our first BLoGG!! ( ^ o ^ )

So I've never blogged before... I guess it's the "new" thing to do now-a-days :) We'll definitely try. I wanna see pictures!!

Kyle left friday morning on a fishing trip so that's why I didn't have a way to call you guys. He actually caught a ton of stealheads on his fishing trip. Its a tradition that he does with his friends and their family every year around easter... they go to this place in the middle of no where... but I guess that's where the stealheads spawn... and this year was the best year in the last 20 years that they've been going. Too bad they didn't bring any fish home.

I couldn't go with him b/c I had to work, but while he was gone, Shoa and I went to Utah and did some shopping that weekend!! And visited a few friends. We stopped by Patrick Belnap's place... you remember him... the red headed missionary from way back when... He baptized Shoa and they still keep in touch... so we decided to visit him. His wife is having a baby any week now... it's a baby boy... They're gonna name him Lucas. He says Hi to everybody. The only other missionary she really keeps in touch with is Elder Tsim Meej... apperenty he married a Hmong girl in China. And he's living there with her and her family in a little hut in the mountains. Crazy huh... He says that there is a city in China that is full of Hmong people... like 60 million or some high number like that... I don't remember for sure... Maybe not that much ... but he says that that area has the largest hmong population comopared to anywhere else in the world. I guess our ancestors were the rebels who left China during the war... but a lot of them are still there.
Anyway we'll try to start up a blog... Did you want us to just use this same page or make a new one for ourselves? I'll go ahead and try to make one and let you know.... K ... well take care!

<3 Angela