Monday, April 27, 2009

Sping Cleaning etc.

Hello family and friends, it's Monday morning and it is now my turn to update the blog. Angela had to walk me through the whole thing while she made pancakes for me. She is so sweet. this week was rather uneventful but we still have a few things to report. I was in Rupert working all week while Angela was here in Rexburg working as well. this work schedule is not very easy on either of us so hopefully we can get done as soon as possible.

I've been waiting a long time to clean up our garage and to build some shelves so that I have place to put all of my stuff so I came home a day early this week to surprise Angela and I got to

organize the garage with some shelves. Now I just need to figure out where I'm going to hang up my bike. It still needs a little work to get it just how i want it but i am happy that it has turned out the way that it has so far.

We also decided to clean up the patio in back as well. I think it looks great. I fertilized the dirt and tilled it. Then i got some Red lava rock and put it on top.
Then Angela and I went to Idaho Falls to talk to a guy about a sprinkler system that he wants me to do for him and afterwords we went to Home Depot and picked out a bunch of flowers and bushes for the patio. We got 4 little trees and a ton of flower bulbs to plant. luckily we didn't get it done yet because we woke up to snow on Sunday morning. "ya gotta love Idaho".
Other than that the only new news that we have is my new calling. I was called as the executive secretary in our ward. I'm gonna have to get used to the 6:30 am bishopric meetings and the PEC and other meetings I'll have to go to. Can't wait.
I wish we had more exciting news but until we do, we love ya all......